Oregonians! Rent in Portland

Looking for a new pad? Do you like to live in the Portland area, or wish to live in the Portland area? Moving here, but have no clue where to start?

If you’re searching for homes or apartments for rent in Portland Oregon’s surrounding areas, here’s your best bet. Outside of urban neighborhoods, Lake Oswego would be my personal target...

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Moving? Looking for a Place? Check This Out!

If you’re moving from a quiet suburb, for example, and you’re looking for apartments for rent in portland oregon, it’s best to check out utility rates before making that big jump. Either Portland General Electric (PGE) or the second option is Pacific Power. Northwest Natural will be your gas company...

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Finding That Perfect Apartment in Portland

If you’re like me, searching for that apartment calling you home, you must be patient. Don’t rush into something prematurely as you’ll drastically limit your options. No, you might need to get a motel for a few days, or a hostel; Portland has some of the best youth hostels in the whole of the Northwest...

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Bostonian Finds Apartments for Rent in Portland Oregon

I just moved from Boston, got a great job right in the Downtown district. I’m in the market for a new apartment. Where does one go to find a place in Portland? I hear the Merrick is a real jewel of the city, offering Portland’s best Bohemian-style ambiance. And it’s been doing it since 1965! Celebrating 50 years is certainly nothing at which to sneeze.

Have you seen ...

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