Bostonian Finds Apartments for Rent in Portland Oregon

I just moved from Boston, got a great job right in the Downtown district. I’m in the market for a new apartment. Where does one go to find a place in Portland? I hear the Merrick is a real jewel of the city, offering Portland’s best Bohemian-style ambiance. And it’s been doing it since 1965! Celebrating 50 years is certainly nothing at which to sneeze.

Have you seen the rentals ads in Craig’s List lately? Wow, there’s a ton in there! This is becoming a major source of online apartment hunting. Besides reading all the “Renters Wanted” ads, you can post one of your own, as in “Wanted Apartment.”

Comparing the local newspapers with Craig’s List – there’s no comparison in the least. I even reviewed a couple of alternative rags, such as the Willamette Week, and they were not at all impressive.

EBay owns, and they are a great source of local listings in their national search service. Apartments for rent in Portland Oregon run about average comparable with other similar sized cities.

Most places will ask for a month’s rent as the deposit. The studio apartments and some of the smaller apartments tend to ask for less. A few places do away with the deposit, but that’s for very small places. Just check as it varies so much.

Sometimes the landlord will allow you to “work off” your deposit so you won’t have to come up with a massive payment before even moving in. Check, though, as this is not standard operating procedure and varies. For example, say your deposit is $600. You might be allowed to pay half up front, and work off the rest, or pay the send half in installments. Try to be friendly with the landlord; he might give you a good deal. Don’t hesitate to ask! You’ll never know, otherwise.

The upscale nicer areas are in downtown, such as South Waterfront, and Pearl offers massive yet beautiful high rise buildings with apartments for rent in Portland Oregon. Be prepared to put down some cash for a minimum of a 6-month lease, usually requiring a one-year lease just to qualify.

If you prefer going urban, rather than in the thick of it, the apartments you’ll find will be much smaller, much older buildings and fixtures. Many of these available apartments are so low key; they won’t get advertised. You’ll have to ask around to get tips or clues of availability.

Since I’ve just recently moved from Boston, my greatest enjoyment lately has been to stroll around Portland’s neighborhoods. There’s a real benefit from drawing the atmosphere ambiance in to set your mood straight. If you’ve never walked the streets of downtown Portland – or any old community, for that matter – you’re in for a real treat. To see the landscape put on a showing of such variety at a snail’s pace is thrilling. You can’t get that riding in a car at 45 mph, or even 15.

Be sure to enjoy where you live, no matter where that might be. As for myself, I’ll stick with Portland.