Finding That Perfect Apartment in Portland

If you’re like me, searching for that apartment calling you home, you must be patient. Don’t rush into something prematurely as you’ll drastically limit your options. No, you might need to get a motel for a few days, or a hostel; Portland has some of the best youth hostels in the whole of the Northwest. And just to prove it, one of them is named “Northwest”, in the area of Northwest, and another is located nearby in Hawthorne, with the same name.

Looking for apartments for rent in Portland Oregon means, sadly, it’s best to check the crime stats in the local website,, which is run by the city of Portland. Follow the stats of the Portland proper, not the suburbs. If you do that little exercise, you’ll start to see a pattern, of sorts, and have a clearer indication of where you might want to live. You obviously want to live in as least crime-ridden as possible. Check out All you need to do is type in an intersection or address, and it’ll give you the current updated crime stats.

One idea, if you simply cannot stroll around in the inner city, to get a feel for the ambiance, uses Google Maps Street View to do your virtual walking. Check it out! You can type in an address, and don’t forget to click the Street View tab as you’ll get real close and personal with Portland.

Northwest Portland, if your pocketbook can afford it, is a great neighborhood. It’s got beautiful homes. The location, however, is decidedly urban. The usual effects of today are urban living: the homeless wandering around aimlessly. Parking is atrocious, like any city of its size.

There are apartments on the hill itself near OHSU and lots of hospitals. The apartments tend to be on the expensive side and not maintained very well. This is the southwest section of town, so living downtown would be a viable option, that is, if you can afford it. The entire area is wonderful for walking; watch out for guest parking – there’s not much around.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve heard Portland being compared to San Francisco. Hum, I’m not sure I follow that. There’s no comparison to the physical size, and San Francisco is so much more diverse. The racial proportions in Portland are that it’s mostly white, except for the area of North or Northeast. However, eyeing Hawthorne or NW 21st and 23rd Avenues, you just might feel a glimpse of good old San Francisco.

An apartment cleaning fee, which, sadly, is nonrefundable, runs the whole gamut, from zero to a few thousands of dollars. The larger conglomerate apartment groups use standard forms; be extremely sure and careful to read all documents before you ever sign your name to it and that counts for any time you’re asked to provide a signature. Remember, that’s a legal document you’re signing. Protect yourself!

Finally, when looking for apartments for rent in Portland Oregon, be sure to be open-minded and patient. Your patience and willingness to be open-minded will be greatly rewarded.