Moving? Looking for a Place? Check This Out!

If you’re moving from a quiet suburb, for example, and you’re looking for apartments for rent in portland oregon, it’s best to check out utility rates before making that big jump. Either Portland General Electric (PGE) or the second option is Pacific Power. Northwest Natural will be your gas company. Do yourself a favor and call them; ask about the billing history at any Portland address. This will be a smart, practical tool that will determine whether your utilities will be relatively reasonable or whether your move will be a financial mistake.

Portland has several big chain grocery stores, such as Safeway, Kroger, and Albertson’s stores. WINCO serves the budget community. Target, Costco, and of course, Wal-Mart is all over the city.

I had come to Portland from Boston. Relaying this piece of data to a coworker, she gave me something fascinating. Portland, Oregon was almost “Boston, Oregon”, no kidding! A flip of a coin was all that changed history forever. Francis W. Petty Grove and Lovejoy, two early settlers had a dispute, of sorts. Petty Grove was from Portland, Maine, and desired to name it such. Lovejoy, on the other hand, was from Boston, and, well, you get the story.

Internet options are no doubt important to you; it’s often overlooked as something to check out as a factor in considering moving. In Portland, Cable internet service is most prevalent, and the primary source of cable here is Comcast, where virtually everyone uses as their provider. If you prefer DSL via a telephone company, may or may not be available to service you, depending on your actual distance from a Central Office. For Multnomah County, there’s the Quest, and Verizon is available for both Clackamas and Washington Counties. Look up Quest and Verizon to see if DSL is in your prospective area by typing in the address. Just recently, Wi-Max and Clear offers wireless internet service. Check first!

There was a survey conducted in 2009, from BusinessWeek, which concluded that Portland ranks #1 in the unhappiest city in America. Maybe these results are skewed because of our high suicide rates, not to mention, the poor economy. Keep this fact in mind when you search apartments for rent in Portland Oregon.

The upside of this rather bleak picture is that it’s so incredibly green here! Everywhere you look, it is green. If you are in the bleakness of the winter rains and overcast skies, you know you just have to wait a few months before coming to live again. August and September is spectacular at that time. Warm sunny days with low humidity – oh my! Who can resist that?

Portland enjoys a great transit system. It is online to check it out at Portland Mapper. There is an interactive map, wherein the My Locations tab; you can add sign markers and see connections to the bus and train services. Get complete marker to marker directions also at Google Transit, which has its great maps of buses and trains and their connections.