Oregonians! Rent in Portland

Looking for a new pad? Do you like to live in the Portland area, or wish to live in the Portland area? Moving here, but have no clue where to start?

If you’re searching for homes or apartments for rent in Portland Oregon’s surrounding areas, here’s your best bet. Outside of urban neighborhoods, Lake Oswego would be my personal target. It’s a bit of a ritzy suburb just south of downtown, dotted with gorgeous mansions and classy condos and homes. Take Tri-Met buses 35 or 36 to downtown. Or drive I-5 through TERWILLIGER Curves. ORENCO Station is another one.

On the west side of Hillsboro several home builders have built homes that could have been yanked out of a House Beautiful magazine in the 50’s. These homes, condos, and apartments “look” old established neighborhoods. Old style row houses line the streets and attempt to recreate that old neighborhood charm. Your big box chain stores are along Cornell Road as “Streets of TANASBOURNE Mall.”

Any discussion of the Pacific Northwest will invariably approach the subject of rain. Let’s get this straight. We don’t get all that much rain; it’s the never-ending overcast days. Most of those overcast days don’t produce rain. Major downpours don’t happen every day; they are fairly rare. Portland gets about 222 days of cloudy weather. For comparison, Phoenix gets about 70 cloudy days a year.

To be a “Native Oregonian”, I hear, means you don’t own an umbrella. Huh, not true! I know plenty of natives, and they keep one handy all season. I suspect the background on that saying is that there isn’t much heavy rainfall to be concerned about, just the slow, steady, sprinkling of light rain. It does occasionally rain bucketsful, but that few and far between.

Portland tends to be a more tolerant city than other Pacific Northwest cities similar in size. Naturally, the suburbs tend to be more conservative, particularly around Clark County, in Vancouver, Washington, just over the bridge. Racism is everywhere, but on the whole, Portland seems more tolerant.

Speaking of the bridge, were you aware that Portland has two rivers? Yep, they have the Willamette River, pronounced “will-AAAH-met”, meanders right smack in the middle of the city on its east and west sides. What is considered “Downtown” is technically only part of the west side of the river. The mighty Columbia River which divides all of the states of Oregon and Washington is only seven miles north of downtown.

Winters are very mild here. We do get snow and ice once in a great while, not very often. Summers can get very hot, maybe 100 degrees on rare occasions. Humidity is mild, thankfully.

Most utilities are paid by – depends on! What you’re both paying varies, so negotiate!  Usually, trash service is about $18 per month, if you pay it. Up for grabs are gas or electric, and the usual: garbage, sewer, water, and gas. Relatively speaking, apartments for rent in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas have much to offer the adventurous spirit in us all.